Lake Michigan Poster for Printervention Exhibit

Lake Michigan is Full of Danger

screen printed poster, 12.5″ x 18.5″, edition of 53

Participating artists were asked to create posters in the style of WPA-era posters of the 1940’s. The goal is to raise awareness of certain social/political/environmental issues of today. The posters will be distributed in public spaces, donated to educators and workshops, and exhibited on April 16th at EXPO 72 / Chicago Tourism Gallery

Visit The Library of Congress’ WPA Posters Collection for some inspiring WPA source imagery.

0 thoughts on “Lake Michigan Poster for Printervention Exhibit

  • thanks so much! i’m so glad you love the moe. poster, it was a lot of fun to work on. i’m working on another gig poster soon, i’ll post when it’s done…

  • Very cool print. My husband got me one of your MOE prints for Christmas and I love it – maybe I’ve already mentioned that! I’m a huge fan of poster art. xox

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