Linework 4!

I have some new comics and work in the Linework Comics Anthology, Issue 4, that was just released.

Linework is Columbia College’s comics anthology, started by cartoonist and professor Ivan Brunetti. The anthology is student-run, featuring the work of students, alumni, and faculty of Columbia College Chicago. Each issue is put together with a lot of heart and incredible talent.

Marieke McClendon, one of the editors of Linework 4, recently made a quick promo video of the new issue:

Linework 4 will be available for purchase soon, at places like Quimby’s, Chicago Comics, Shop Columbia (623 S. Wabash Ave), as well as the upcoming CAKE fest.

Additionally, there are a number of Linework 4 Special Edition issues (coming soon) for which select artists were invited to contribute small works of art, prints, mini-comics, etc. I made a small edition of prints for the Special Edition issue, which I will be posting soon.

To learn more, visit the Linework Comics Anthology Official Tumblr. Thanks!!

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