Snakes and lino prints

A few things I’ve been up to recently.
Working on some quick linoleum prints at home

This is a goofy demo for my screen printing class. I wanted to show the students how to separate colors by hand, without any use of a computer. I made a drawing of the snake in pencil, then traced out the color separations using Dur-a-lar film and opaque black markers. These were exposed onto screens and printed in yellow and blue transparent inks. The green is created wherever the two inks overlap.

A small print of a tiger-like creature in the woods.

2 thoughts on “Snakes and lino prints

  1. Julia

    Beautiful, Sanya! I would give anything to take a class by you! :-) It would be so amazing if you’d share more tipps online for those on the other side of the world.
    I really love your stuff.

  2. sanya

    Thank you very much Julia! What a lovely compliment! I would love to share more tips, it is simply a matter of finding time for it. It is one of my goals this year, so I will make an effort to update more often :) Thank you again! ~ s

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